PathFindIR II Safety Vision LCD Cable, 9Ft (4105735)

The Safety Vision BNC S-Video cable connects the FLIR PathFindIR system cable to the Safety Vision Monitor cable. (BNC to S-Video)

PathFindIR II Wiring Harness,Power/Video cable, 20 Ft

20-ft power/video cable for PathFindIR II big-rig installations, or other installs where the standard 7-ft cable is not of adequate length.

The end-of-sale date to order the affected product is June 30, 2023. Customers who acquire new product will continue to receive support from Teledyne FLIR until Dec 19, 2025. See the EOL notice below for additional details.

Tau 2 Camera Link Expansion Board (421-0046-00)

The Camera Link module is an expansion board for the Tau cameras that matches the functionality of the VPC Module and adds the ability to access digital data via Camera Link connection. The Camera Link module takes CMOS-type digital data from the Tau camera and converts it to Camera Link. This module does not include a Camera Link cable, frame grabber, or capture software.

Tau 2 Lens Locking Collar

A lens locking collar for Tau 2 narrow field of view lenses. The collar is secured by a 1.5mm socket head screw (furnished) that prevents the lens from moving in the lens mount.

Tau 2 PCB Wearsaver with Solder Pads (421-0047-00)

Adapter that furnishes a solder pad interface. The PCB Wearsaver is a low-profile adapter that attaches to the Tau’s 50-pin Hirose connector, furnishing a solder pad interface. Schematic included.

Tau 2 Starter Kit (421-0051-00)

The Starter Kit includes: PCB Assembly, Lens Focus Tool, Tripod Mount, VPC Module, Photon Replicator Board, Locking Nut, Tau Locking Nut, Tau Quick Start Guide, USB Flash Drive, Latching Cable Assembly, Latching Connector (30pin), Contact Pins (30ea), 1.5mm Hex Key, All-In-One Package, Everything You Need To Get Started. TAU Sold Separately.

Tau 2 Video Cable, MCX to BNC, 6ft (4115262)

6-ft video cable for Tau 2 equipped with a VPC adapter, with micro-coaxial (MCX) connector at the camera end, and BNC connector at the monitor end.

Tau 2 VPC (Video, Power, Communication) Module Kit (421-0039-00)

The Module allows evaluation of the camera core and access to analog video. The Tau Camera can be used with either the VPC Module Accessory (FLIR PN 421-0039-00) or the Camera Link Module Accessory (FLIR PN 421-0046-00). These accessories provide an easy way to evaluate the camera core and access analog and, in the case of the Camera Link Module, digital video during development. The VPC module accessory includes USB-A to USB-mini B cable for power and communications, USB power supply, European power adapter, MCX-to-BNC cable for analog video, and mounting screws.

Tau 2 VPC Module only (no cables) (500-0426-00)

The Tau 2 video/power/control (VPC) is an accessory that adapts the native high-density electrical interface to a USB Mini-B connector for power and control, as well as an MCX (micro-coaxial) connector for analog video. This part number is for the VPC only, cables are not included.

Tau 2 WFOV Lens Focus Tool (421-0037-00)

The Tau Focus Tool can be used to change the focus of the wide field of view (WFOV) 5.5mm, 7.5mm, 9mm, 13mm, or 19mm lenses.

Tau 2 WFOV Lens Locking Ring (421-0041-00)

The Tau WFOV Lens Locking Ring is designed to allow a WFOV Tau camera to be bulkhead-mounted. The outside of the lens holder provides M29 x 1.0 threads. By placing the lens through the clearance hole in a bulkhead, the locking ring attaches to the threads to secure the camera to the bulkhead. A Type 2 -025 O-ring should be used between the bulkhead and the Lens Locking Ring to achieve a weatherized seal. This O-ring is not available from FLIR, but is a standard O-ring sold by many suppliers.

Tau 2 WFOV Lens Locking Ring Tool (421-0042-00)

The Tau WFOV Lens Locking Ring Tool is used to install/remove the Lens Locking Ring. It is designed with four ‘nubs’ or pins that mate to the notches in the Lens Locking Ring, allowing the Ring to be easily rotated.


Software Development Kit

The FLIR SDK allows customers the capability to integrate software that can communicate and perform camera functions. There are 2 main components that comprise the FLIR SDK: Windows Host SDK and Embedded Host SDKM. The Windows Host SDK provides source code (C, C++), samples(C++, C# VB), and binaries (DLL's) that aid customers in the development of camera integration software in a Microsoft Windows OS environment.The Embedded Host SDK provides low level source code written in C, that allows the developer to integrate the SDK with the FLIR camera on a non-Windows OS. Standard driver interfaces are provided by the SDK source code, but the low level drivers (e,g UART) need to supplied by the developer.

Tau Tripod Mount Adapter (261-2071-00)

This adapter allows you to convert two of the mounting points on the Tau camera to a standard 1/4" x 20 tripod mounting plate.