Overall Monitoring of Hydropower Generation System

A hydropower generation system is constantly subject to environmental factors. There is also the danger of unpredictable natural disasters. Thus, for the hydropower plant, whether in terms of power generation, power transmission, or even power-consumption equipment, it would be best to have 24*7 real-time surveillance to help discover and resolve problems at the earliest opportunity.

Application Story

Overall monitoring of hydro power generation system-1.png Overall monitoring of hydro power generation system-2.png

 the hydropower plant at Shuangya Mountain in Heilongjiang is used primarily for power generation with flood prevention, irrigation, and tourism as complementary functions. Its operators used FLIR A series of fixed thermal cameras for real-time online surveillance of the stators in its turbine motor. Any abnormal temperature in the section under surveillance detected will trigger the background alarm to enable maintenance staff to make checks at once, thus ensuring the safe and stable operation of the hydropower plant.

Use FLIR thermal cameras for monitoring to automatically trigger the alarm if abnormalities such as high temperature are detected, thereby significantly saving manpower, materials, and time. For example, FLIR A500f/A700f advanced smart sensors are highly suitable for all-weather, uninterrupted monitoring of the equipment’s status and surrounding environment. The cameras feature an IP67-rated protective housing that can withstand temperatures between -30°C to 50°C, providing a high level of protection against challenging environmental conditions surrounding the hydropower plant.

Overall monitoring of hydro power generation system-3.png

A500f/A700f cameras offer high-resolution thermal imaging paired with edge computing and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for convenient inclusion in new or existing networks. Thus users can use A500f/A700f thermal cameras in an integrated system that offers 24-hour surveillance and warning.