FLIR Fans: Top 5 Community Posts, August 2018

The last full summer month saw a great variety of posts on social media! Each month, we round up our five favorite posts from our social media fans to share how our users are applying FLIR technology in their day-today lives, at home and on the job. With FLIR, the possibilities are endless! For a chance to be included in our monthly round up and become an official “FLIR Fan,” use the hashtag #FLIR next time you post your FLIR-related photo on social media. Here are some of our favorites from August 2018:



Got a FLIR thermal camera today 😁 it’s really cool to be able to see temperatures like that! I have a few projects where thermal vision would be helpful! #diy #doityourself #thermal #flir #flirone #diyprojects #newtools #newtool #inferred

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Why we love it: @henrikhyldig just invested in a thermal camera for some fun DIY-projects in this shot! We love to see our users excited about our thermal cameras and discovering all needs they can meet!



Having a smartphone with an integrated FLIR thermal camera does has it advantages when rebuilding your friends home. You can do a quick check to see if the much appreciated beer is at the right temperature when finishing the job 🙈. . . . #catphone #cats61 #caterpillar #heavydutysmartphone #flir #laser #android #construction #toolsofthetrade #instatech #dutchblogger #techblogger #review #smartphonereview #flircamer #thermalimage

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Why we love it: This great share by @tech365nl highlights the all-new CAT S61 ruggedized smart phone, featuring Thermal by FLIR. Perfect for those professionals who need thermal in their day-to-day, glad to see @tech365nl has a break planned after a long day!


3.’s what’s for dinner! (Not these though!) #FLIR

A post shared by That_beach_guys_Dad 🇺🇸 (@that_beach_guys_dad) on

Why we love it: @that_beach_guys_dad captures a fun shot with his FLIR ONE Pro in this post! Those are some hot chickens in some hot summer weather.



Trying our NEW FLIR thermograph camera ❤️❤️❤️ it’s amazing how technology can help us improve our diagnostics ❤️ im totally in love with my E8 flir #flir #termography #vetlife #vet #veterinary #alternativemedicine #vetlove #equine #equinelife #horselife #thermography

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Why we love it: Did you know that FLIR infrared thermography cameras are used for veterinary applications? @qi_vet_peru is using the FLIR E8 thermal camera for equine diagnostics, thanks for the share and keep them coming.



Leaking Ductwork in the attic cost you a lot of money over the years. Upon inspecting this attic, I felt a nice cool breeze coming from the ducts. The breeze was welcomed as the attic was over 100 degrees, but upon further investigation I discovered a major leak in the ductwork, as seen through thermal imaging. #chandleraz #home #beauty #beauty #arizonarealtor #homeinspection #thermal #flirone #homeinspector #attic #arizonarealtors #phoenix #az #arizona #heat #hot

A post shared by Square One Home Inspections (@square1az) on

Why we love it: With FLIR, you can see the unseen!  This great use case from @square1az shows how the FLIR ONE Pro can be used to reveal formerly invisible problems, like leaking ductwork in the attic! Scroll through the images to see what FLIR helps @square1az reveal!

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