FLIR Vue – A Thermal Imager for Your SAR Drone

Thermal imaging does what every SAR operator needs: it makes the invisible, visible. It sees what your eyes can’t by detecting the subtle temperature differences that can indicate a human presence.

Still not sure that the FLIR Vue is right for your SAR drone? Check out this review by the Roswell Flight Test Crew:

FLIR Vue makes pictures from heat, not visible light, so they can see targets in deep shadow or against a background that would make it impossible to see with a regular camera. Thermal imagers detect more than just heat, they detect tiny differences in heat – as small as 0.01°C – making them perfect for spotting people who are lost on land or in the water. 
The problem for SAR programs – especially volunteer ones – has been the cost of adding thermal imaging to their tool bags. But that bar has been dropped with the FLIR Vue. Vue is an affordable, easy to integrate thermal imager for every drone.

To learn more about the Vue here.

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