Dual-Range AC Voltage Detector with Flashlight

Extech DV25

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The Extech DV25 is a Dual-Range NCV Detector that combines two models into one. The low range measures down to 24 Volt and the high range measures up to 1000 Volt. Includes audible and visual indication, rugged double molded housing, and a bright built-in LED flashlight. Complete with 2 x AAA batteries.

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  • Match the range to your application

    Offers non-contact detection of AC voltage from 24 to 1000 VAC, or from 100 to 1000 VAC

  • Designed for rugged environments

    Has rugged, double-molded housing and built-in, bright flashlight

  • Immediate, easy-to-intepret results

    Audible and visual voltage indication

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General Specifications
Audible/Visible Indication
Beeper, flashing LED
Built-In Flashlight
Detection Distance
Frequency Bandwidth
Voltage Detection (Non-Contact)
24V to 1000V AC; 100V to 1000V AC
Additional Details
6.25 × 1" (159 × 25mm)
2 × AAA (1.5V) batteries
Safety Category
CATIV - 1000V
2 years
1.5oz (42g)

Extech DV25