Short-Range Tactical Quadcopter

ION M440

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The ION M440 is a tactical short-range reconnaissance quadcopter purpose-built for austere environments. The ION is a small, light-weight, ruck-sack portable drone. This system gets in the air fast, ready to perform advanced autonomous functions while operating in obstacle-rich environments. GPS-denied flight capabilities, day and nighttime collision avoidance, and agile flight control make it an ideal reconnaissance air vehicle. The ION is NDAA-compliant and pre-approved for government acquisition by the Defense Innovation Unit’s Blue sUAS Program.

  • Rapidly Deployable

    Immediately soldier-deployable short-range reconnaissance VTOL system.

  • Safer to Fly

    Embedded sensors and advanced flight algorithms offer a continuous collision avoidance failsafe.

  • Operable in GPS-Denied Environments

    Maintains operational and flight capabilities in GPS-denied or degraded environments.

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ION M440