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Extech LT40

Model: LT40
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The Extech LT40 LED light meter is useful for measuring and optimizing environmental light levels in a wide range of environments, including office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses, university campuses, schools, hospitals, and many other locations. As OSHA regulates workplace lighting, light meters such at the LT40 can verify regulatory compliance, as well as state and local public safety codes and ordinances. The LT40 can also measure standard light sources such as fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, and incandescent lighting, up to 400,000 lux (40,000 Fc). The LT40 comes with a built-in sensor with protective cover, 2 AAA batteries, storage pouch, and user manual.

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2 years
General Specifications
Light (Foot Candle)
99.99, 999.9, 9999, 40000Fc
Light (Foot Candle) Basic Accuracy
Light (Lux)
999.9, 9999, 99990, 400000Lux
Light (Lux) Basic Accuracy
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Extech LT40 - Model: LT40

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