Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Extech MO265

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The Extech MO265 is a combination pin/pinless moisture meter that can both measure the relative moisture in wood and other building materials using pinless technology and determine percentage of moisture in sheetrock and other materials using the direct pin method. Measurements are displayed on a digital LCD with backlighting and a tri-color LED bargraph. Pinless non-invasive measurement depth to 22 mm (0.75 in) below the surface. In addition, a remote pin probe is included to measure moisture in difficult to access places. Complete with 9-Volt battery, replacement pins, remote pin probe, protective cap, and pouch case.

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  • Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials

    Take relative pinless moisture reading for non-invasive measurement or determine %WME (wood moisture equivalent) using pin sensors

  • Displays results on easy-to-read screen

    Digital LCD readout with backlighting and tri-color LED bar graph; includes calibration check and low battery indication

  • The right tool for restoration and remediation

    Includes remote pin probe to measure moisture in difficult to access areas

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2 years
General Specifications
Relative Moisture Content (Pinless)
0 to 99.9
Relative Moisture Content Max Resolution (Pinless)
WME Moisture Content (Pin)
6.0 to 99.9%
WME Moisture Content Max Resolution (Pin)
Sensor Type
Replaceable threaded contact pins, non-penetrating electromagnetic sensor pad
Media Gallery
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Extech MO265