Pinless Moisture Psychrometer + IR

Extech MO290

Model: MO290
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The Extech MO290 combines a pin/pinless moisture meter with a built-in infrared thermometer, allowing you to measure temperature, humidity, dew point, vapor pressure, and much more. Comes complete with pin moisture probe, 9-Volt battery, and case.

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8-in-1 Meter with Built-in IR Thermometer

  • Destructive or non-destructive measurements

    Test for moisture using built-in pins or using the sensor, to a depth of 25 mm (~1 in)

  • Clear, accurate readings

    The audible alert beeps faster as moisture levels increase; display icons indicate low, medium, or high moisture content

  • Easy to use

    Compact and efficient, with a built-in battery level check and measurement verification test

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2 years
General Specifications
Distance to Target Ratio
Measurement Depth
up to 0.75" (19mm)
Relative Humidity Basic Accuracy
Relative Moisture Content (Pinless)
6 to 99.9
Relative Moisture Content Max Resolution (Pinless)
Temperature (Air)
-20 to 170 °F (-29 to 77 °C)
Temperature (Air) Basic Accuracy
±3.6°F (2.0°C)
Temperature (Air) Max Resolution
Temperature (IR) Basic Accuracy
-4 to 392 °F (-20 to 200 °C)
Temperature (IR) Max Resolution
±3.5% or ±9°F(4.5°C) whichever greater
Temperature (RTD)
Water Vapor
0 to 999gpp (0 to 160g/kg)
WME Moisture Content (Pin)
0 to 99.9%
WME Moisture Content Basic Accuracy (Pin)
WME Moisture Content Max Resolution (Pin)
Relative Humidity
0 to 100%
Environmental & Certifications
0.95 fixed
Vapor Pressure
0 to 20.0kPA
Measurement & Analysis
Dew Point
-22 to 199 °F (-30 to 100 °C)
Sensor Type
Replaceable threaded contact pins, non-penetrating electromagnetic sensor pad

Extech MO290 - Model: MO290

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