Wireless Datalogging Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Extech MO55W

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Quickly measure the moisture content in wood and other building materials with the Extech MO55W, offering your choice of Pinless (non-invasive) or Direct Pin method measurement. Using the wireless feature, Bluetooth® Datalogging Module, and the free ExView® W-Series App, you can transmit readings in real time to your smart devices, store over 15K readings for wireless transfer to generate a report/data analysis, add notes and readings to photos taken from your smart device camera, and use your smart device as a 2nd display for easy viewing or sharing. The MO55W is simple to operate and uses icons that indicate moisture content and alerts you when moisture levels exceed programmed limits.

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  • Ideal for detecting moisture in flooring, tiles, and beneath carpeting

    Displays moisture level in wood and building materials with non-invasive Pinless moisture measurement to a max. depth of 1" (25 mm)

  • DAT12 Bluetooth® Datalogging Module

    Take snapshots of the measurement area with your smartphone to capture measurement-related images and to document measurement data

  • Everything you need in one box

    Complete with two pins (installed on meter), protective cap, Wireless Datalogging Module (DAT12), 9V battery, and soft case

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15,360 data points (via DAT12 Bluetooth Datalogging Module)
2 years
General Specifications
Measurement Depth
Pin: approx. 0.3" (8mm); Pinless: 1" (25mm)
WME Moisture Content (Pin)
Wood: 5 to 50%; Other building materials: 1.5 to 33%
WME Moisture Content (Pinless)
Wood: 0.1 to 99.9%; Other building materials: 0.1 to 99.9%
WME Moisture Content Basic Accuracy (Pin)
±(3% of reading + 5 digits)
WME Moisture Content Max Resolution (Pin)
WME Moisture Content Max Resolution (Pinless)
Sensor Type
Replaceable threaded contact pins (0.4"/10mm), non-penetrating electromagnetic sensor pad

Extech MO55W