Compact Multi-sensor Gyro-stabilized Surveillance System

UltraFORCE® 275-HD

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Extremely low SWaP makes the UltraFORCE 275-HD the optimal choice for weight, power and footprint-constrained platforms. The system delivers multi-spectral HD imaging performance for airborne homeland security, combat, patrol, surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue programs. Durable and built to endure long missions, it’s designed for lightweight manned and unmanned airborne platforms. Built in Europe with no U.S.-sourced components, the UltraFORCE 275-HD is ITAR-free, increasing exportability and freedom of movement within Europe.

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  • Significant SWaP Advantages

    Single LRU and lowest weight in its 10" to 12" turret class make it easy to install on weight, power, and footprint-constrained platforms.

  • ITAR-free Flexibility

    Built in Europe with no U.S.-sourced components, this surveillance system offers increased exportability.

  • Continuous Zoom

    Continuous zoom on the high-performance IR camera provides uninterrupted video for evidential purposes and reduces operator workload to maintain target visibility during zoom.

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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

Equipment described herein pertains to a European Union origin product that is controlled as dual-use item by the European Union government. (It may be subject to US Jurisdictions when in the United States or possessed by a US person and may require authorization to re-transfer to or share with a foreign person (not a US Person).

UltraFORCE® 275-HD