Maximum suggested IEEE-1394 cable lengths

Last Revision Date: 5/27/2014

The IEEE-1394 standard specifies the following maximum cable lengths:

Bus Type Cable Type Max Length Speed Limitations
1394a 4-pin or 6-pin shielded TP copper 4.5m 400Mbps
1394b 9-pin shielded TP copper 4.5m 800Mbps
1394b Unshielded TP 4.5m 800Mbps*
1394b Unshielded TP 100m 100Mbps*
1394b Glass optical fiber (GOF) 100m (Check with the manufacturer for speed/distance limitations)*
1394b Plastic optical fiber 50m (Check with the manufacturer for speed/distance limitations)*

Some manufacturers sell cables that exceed the above specifications. In some cases, longer (e.g. 20m) cables can only be achieved by reducing the maximum bus speed to S100. Refer to "Extending the Distance Between between a Camera and the Controlling Host System" for information on extending the distance between a camera and the host system.

* We do not manufacture any cameras that support this interface.