If I have an e-mail server (e.g., Mircrosoft Outlook), how do I set up my camera to store images on this server when an alarm goes off?


First you need to know the IP address of your e-mail server. If you only know the DNS name, you can start the command prompt and ping the DNS name to display the IP address.

Then, start the web interface of the camera and go to Settings > Alarm recipients. Set the e-mail address to that of your desired recipient, and type the IP address of the e-mail server as shown below.

Next, go to the image spot or area, and configure it to send an e-mail with an image when the alarm goes off, as shown below.



Configuring the FLIR A310 is very similar to the FLIR AX8. However, instead of the web interface, you use the program IR Monitor. It can be downloaded from here.

Then, activate an alarm and configure it to send an e-mail when the alarm goes off, as shown below.

The resulting e-mail will look like this:

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