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Corporate Responsibility is an important part of Teledyne FLIR culture. We are committed to making a difference around the globe through the use of our technology and the impact of our employees.

We focus our approach in three key areas: creating corporate practices that ensure we operate in a sustainable and inclusive manner; investing in philanthropic efforts with organizations that align with our mission and help improve the world we live in; and working with customers to make a positive effect both on their operations and environmental footprint.

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Corporate Practices

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Environmental Sustainability  

The protection and preservation of our world’s natural resources is critical to ensure our climate is upheld for future generations. Teledyne FLIR is committed to sustainability and will continue to invest towards that recovering and combating the impacts of climate change. Furthermore, we aim to collaborate with scientific researchers and field experts to better understand and improve responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation, sustainable practices, ecological research, and citizen science.



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Employing Veterans

At Teledyne FLIR, we work to empower real-life heroes to achieve professional and personal goals. Today, we emploly hundreds of veterans in a range of roles, including engineering, sales, business development, support, and executive staff. Teledyne FLIR is committed to employing veterans at all levels of the company, with significant career opportunities within its Government and Defense Business Unit.




Key Social and Governance-Related Policies and Practices

Transparency in our policies and practices holds Teledyne FLIR accountable to our employees, customers, and shareholders with integrity. Learn more about our governance-related policies, statements and disclosures.


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The FLIR HERO Program

Every day, Teledyne FLIR technology and solutions make a positive impact around the world. For this reason, we see the value in investing in philanthropic partnerships and initiatives that use our products to complement our mission to save lives and protect livelihoods. The FLIR HERO program supports these humanitarian efforts focused in three key areas: Planet, Purpose, and Potential.

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Teledyne FLIR technology helps environmental stewards and researchers better understand and improve the health of the planet.

Apply for the Conservation Discount Program, supporting work that improves our world. 

Read how TeledyneFLIR and World Wildlife Fund are combating rhino poaching.

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It’s our responsibility to give back to first responders, veterans, and others who sacrifice their safety for our communities.

Learn how the Tradeforce Program supports U.S. veterans as they transition into a skilled trade.

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Today’s students are tomorrow’s explorers, discoverers, and innovators. Expanding interest in science, math, engineering, and technology (STEM) fuels innovations for the future.

Learn more about the Teledyne FLIR STEM Education program.


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We recognize how community involvement and humanitarian support can enrich the lives of FLIR employees, the backbone of our company culture. The FLIR For Good encourages employees to contribute meaningfully through volunteerism and charitable giving programs. This not only helps strengthen the communities in which we work and live but also produces an impact on the world around us.


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Our Products

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Discover Where Teledyne FLIR is Making A Difference

Every day, our customers expand how Teledyne FLIR technology and solutions can positively impact  the environment. See how customers use our products to make a change in neighborhoods and communities around the world.