FLIR for the Holidays

For those that struggle to decide what to get their family and friends for the holidays, we have good news. There’s a FLIR camera for everyone on your holiday list!

FLIR makes products for a wide range of activities and needs. To help make your job easier, we’ve created this helpful list to match your friends and family with the perfect gift.


If you know someone that wouldn’t dare call a home repairman, the FLIR ONE ($249) thermal camera makes a perfect stocking-stuffer. Available for either iPhone or Android, once attached to a smartphone, the FLIR ONE can help find a clogged pipe or pinpoint drafts around windows or doors that make your living room so cold in the winter. For those that DYI for a living, the pocket-sized FLIR C2 ($699) thermal camera offers a more rugged and standalone design, and a higher temperature range detection for those that need it.

Pet Lover 

Does your friend or loved one have separation anxiety anytime they’re away from their pets? If so, the FLIR FX wireless HD camera (special: $149) will help them connect with their pets from anywhere. Pet lovers not only see their pets from their smartphone, but they can say hello to Rover through their phone via the camera’s two-way radio. Additionally, using the FX’s RapidRecap feature, they can review their pet’s day in a minute and find out how the refrigerator door opens when they leave the house. 


If you have someone who loves working on cars, the FLIR TG165 (see dealer prices) is not your typical spot thermometer. The TG165’s built-in thermal camera lets them take accurate temperature measurements and spot hot-related auto problems visually. Great for helping prevent that roadside disaster, the TG165 is the perfect gadget for the DIY mechanic. 

Videographer and sUAS Pilot

The new FLIR Vue Pro (starting at $1999, available soon) or Vue (starting at $1499) thermal cameras make a perfect accessory for the serious hobbyist videographer. Both cameras attach to small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), and the Vue Pro records thermal video to help make their productions stand out from the rest.

Boater and Fisherman

With Raymarine’s Dragonfly series of fishing electronics, you can help boost your fisherman’s ego by helping them catch more fish. Simple to use, the all new Dragonfly Series 4 (starting at $149) and Series 5 (starting at $429) fishfinders help you spend more time catching fish than searching for them. Both use CHIRP sonar to distinguish underwater debris, terrain, and fish, while allowing you to stream the images directly to your smartphones. 


FLIR’s Scout II (starting at $1999) handheld camera is perfect for someone who likes to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s camping, hiking or observing wildlife, the FLIR Scout II is a compact, lightweight camera that provides crisp thermal imagery from dawn and through the night. Able to detect heat from up to 550 yards away, the Scout II can see at night to keep you safe and stay aware of your surroundings when darkness falls.

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