Can I use FLIR Reporter templates with FLIR Tools+?

Yes, FLIR Reporter 8.x and 9.x templates can be used with FLIR Tools+ 5.12 as long as they are saved in Microsoft Word using the modern *.dotx format.  In FLIR Tools+ you can set a path to a user templates folder, which can contain FLIR Reporter templates and any new templates you create:

1.     Create a new folder for your custom templates in a place that is easy to find (for example, My Documents).
2.     Copy the FLIR Reporter *.dotx templates to the new folder.
3.     In FLIR Tools+ click Options, then Report, and click Browse next to User templates path.
4.     Select the new folder containing your FLIR Reporter templates. Any new templates that you create should be saved to this folder.

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